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American and European Artworks

G.B. Tate & Sons Fine Art
Established 1967

Art Authentication & Appraisal Services
American and European Paintings, Sculpture and Works on Paper

About our Services

We offer authentication and appraisal services in the areas of 19th and 20th century American and European paintings, sculpture, drawings and fine prints. We have extensive resources and offer completely documented evaluations, supported by recognized authorities in specialized areas. We also support our findings with current sale results of comparable works, accompanied by detailed information and images of actual auction or public sales. You will thereby receive clear information from which you can confidently make decisions regarding your own artworks.

Normally, you will NOT be required to send your artwork to us. We have 5 decades of experience working with photographs and digital images to evauate artworks

As an extra added free service, we can make corrections and adjustments to your images, making them more useable for you, matching your artworks more accurately. This service is a normal part of our business, and the images are offered to you as our gift at no charge, to use as you have need, whether or not you use our services... the most excellent available in the art marketplace today.

"Professional services facilitate good decisions."
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