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G. B. Tate & Sons Fine Art

How to make a living as an artist
We offer our 52 years in the art business as a foundation for success for artists

How it works:

We offer this service for any artist, from any country and any economic circumstance. This school is founded on the honor system... we do not require a fee or tuition, but request a donation of whatever amount you can offer, if you appreciate our guidance during your career as a creative artist.

We have worked with artists for over 60 years and Mr. Tate has experienced first hand the struggles, discouragements and triumphs of being an artist. Today, he makes a living  from his paintings, using the very same guidelines offered in this school, which were developed by years of trial and error.

We require three things of every artist:

1. A commitment to follow the curiculum from start to finish
2. The submission of assignments at the end of every phase of the school
(Each phase must be completed before access to the next phase).
3. Your free-will donation before graduating from one phase to the next

At the end of the curriculum, you will receive a certificate of completion

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