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G.B.Tate & Sons Fine Art
Guarantee, Policies & Information
Wyoming Auctioneers Association

Please read this before making your purchase from us
Our Guarantee and Sales Policy:  At G.B. Tate & Sons, we guarantee that our descriptions are honest and truthful representations of the items we sell.  We or our associates have personally examined each item for flaws and defects and, if any are found, have included them in our description.  T he images we place online represent the items accurately and as authentic as technically possible.  This guarantee is extended with the following provisions:
If, within 30 days of receiving an item purchased from us, you find our description or images to be misleading or in error, we will gladly communicate with you for fair settlement.  Requests for refund can be made within 30 days of sale, and must be accompanied by proper written documentation from a recognized authority on the artist's work or type merchandise in question, supporting a claim against our description.  I f there are any inquiries, comments or complaints, Mr. Tate is accessible, and will handle it personally... just use our Trading Post or our email address: gbt@gbtate.com.
Note: We often sell on behalf of consignment owners, who are paid for their items upon completion of each sale. Therefore please notice that no item is sold "on approval" or subject to the whim or caprice of the buyer. If an item is returned due to no fault of G.B. Tate & Sons, we will gladly resell that item for the buyer.

Contact  Information:
By Phone or mail:  (307) 399-3316

G. B. Tate
414 South 19th St.
Laramie, WY 82070

Email  gbt@gbtate.com
Online through our Trading Post

Shipping and handling.  Unless otherwise arranged under the conditions of sale, b uyers pay for shipping prior to delivery according to estimates for U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail, insured with delivery confirmation, FedEx or DHL for all items purchased from us.  We also ship internationally to anywhere in the world (insurance and customs declarations at the discretion of the buyer).  Any item shipped without insurance is only done so at the request of the buyer, and by so requesting, the buyer assumes full responsibility for damage or loss.

Sales Tax.   Residents of Wyoming are required to pay a 6% sales tax added to the purchase price, unless you can provide us with a valid resale number.

Payment.  Payments for items purchased can be made by PayPal, bank wire transfer or we are always happy to accept your personal check or money order made payable to  **G.B.TATE**, and mail to:

G. B. Tate
414 South 19th St.
Laramie, WY 82070

The Internet is a worldwide computer network, beyond the control of any individual or company. G.B. Tate & Sons is diligent in maintaining our systems and programs to run as they are designed.  However we cannot be responsible for technical outages, interference or difficulties beyond our control, which may result in lost opportunities for a sale or purchase.