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Fine American and European Paintings


Votes of Confidence in our Service...

We retired from public art gallery operations in 1997, and have since worked discretely and privately with our long standing and growing list of clientele for quality works of art.
We face the vagaries of working on the internet every day and appreciate the concerns of those who come to us for help, but have never met us face-to-face.  We like to use that other electronic device, the telephone, which today still offers the reassurance, that there is a real human being on the other side of our business dealings.  We always invite you to talk with us in person.
Call us at (307) 399-3316
In order to help you understand our credibility and reputation better,
we offer the following information to substantiate our place in the art market:
Personal References
eBay Feedback Forum

Personal References

We invite you to check us out through others who know us and have done business with us.  We have known John Dupree (above) for nearly 40 years of business, and Christies and Sotheby's for about the same. If you have any questions about our dealings, we invite honest and open dialogue. 

Ralph Ahern, Impressionist and Contemporary paintings, County Cork, Ireland  +353 857 485 203

John Dupree, Creighton-Davis Gallery, San Diego, California  202 489-5300

Christie's, New York  212 636 2140

Sotheby's, New York, 212 606 7000

Andrew Schoelkopf, Menconi & Schoelkopf Fine Art, New York  212 879 8815

Robin Starr, Head of Paintings Department, Skinner's, Boston  978 779-6641

Cynthia Colling, Director of Paintings Department, Aspire Auctions, Cleveland  216 231-5515

Legal counsel and agent for trust matters is Robert W. Tate, Attorney at Law, Napa, California  206 682-6365

eBay Feedback Forum   

We do use eBay for some art offerings, and have been members since 1997... our user ID is gbtate.  You can view our feedback rating (currently 100% positive) and comments of those we have done business with at this link:



John M.
Just wanted to let you know that the tricky six painting was a HUGE hit. My wife absolutely loved it and couldn't stop picking back up to investigate it. Everyone at the part was astounded by the quality of the painting and some thought it was some things i clipped out and taped to a piece of paper. I am quite pleased with my purchase of the painting and know my wife will enjoy it for a long time to come. I don't know when she will see her next Tate painting but it will be sometime in the future.
Thank you for all your help in pushing this deal through. One more thing, my insurance agent said to get it covered properly i needed some sort of authentication. Is this something you can give me. Please advise at your earliest convence. I will stay in touch and keep tabs on you website for future works.Thanks and Delighted...
Anne B.
I have thouroughly enjoyed visiting your site this morning, especially your thoughtful article on the "Artists are People of Destiny" page. My website is currently "down" temporarily for redesign, but I would like to submit work for you to review in the near future.
Gary G.
Dear Gayle:
Thank you for your professionalism, honesty and integrity. You have established a solid foundation for
my trust with you. I will take your writ under advisement and keep you informed. My sincere thanks.
John V.
Gayle I returned today to the office. The painting arrived safely. It is wonderful. A beautiful piece of art. I am extremely pleased with it. Everyone is thrilled with it. Thanks, John
Laura K.
(Before the sale)... Gayle,Thank you for the update on the sale of the paintings. I have full confidence in your judgment and hope we will both be satisfied with the outcome.
(After the sale)... Dear Gayle, I received the check you mailed yesterday afternoon (3-08-02).  Thank you very much for all your help with the sale of the paintings. I will certainly recommend you to anyone I am able to in the future.
Kurt F.
Thanks for your feedback. As I explained initially, the work is owned by elderly nieghbours. I suspect, at their age, that they are beginning to disburse items collected over the years and wonder if any have significant value beyond sentimental. I will pass your comments along and let them pursue any further action. In any event, the internet has proven to be a very effective tool for communication with experts such as yourself. Thanks again for your responeBay
Klaudia M.
The pieces are stunning! I will call you over the weekend or early next week to talk about prices; we have a show opening tomorrow that I have to get off the ground first. All the best.
Kathleen H.
Dear Mr. Tate, Thank you for your consideraton. I will put the check in the mail to you tomorrow morning. I am on my way to the hospital for surgery and look forward to having the Korff waiting for me when I get home. We will remember your kindness and contact you again when we have something of value to sell.
Daniel D.
Hi Gayle, I spoke to my father this morning and I have convinced him to hold on to the painting-- not to even sell it to my uncle. I adore the painting and have offered to purchase it myself; although, I'll have to make installments. I realize the time and effort you made in corresponding to me and I can't tell you how much that means to me. Many emails went unanswered before I found a nice fellow such as yourself to help me with this project-- I thank you! You will always be remembered as a kind and considerate businessman. May the kindness be returned to in many ways.

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Craig P.
Just a note to compliment you on your website. Great job.
Jerald B.
Gayle,  Wanda and I can never thank you enough. The work of art touch us both the same way, we cried. There is nothing we can say that would mean more then, WE THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS.